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All of our coaches and instructors are certified with Tennis Canada and have been trained in the best methods of providing instruction in a group setting. Every aspect of the lesson, from positive communication, development of key fundamentals, age and level appropriate equipment, drills and point play and activity level, is planned and executed consistently.

Below is a list of current and past Total Tennis Coaches.

Our Coaches



Founder and Owner Total Tennis Inc.

Bill Maron Total Tennis Coach OwnerThe goal of our junior programs is to improve the self esteem of our players by motivating each one to give full effort while accepting errors. We hope to reduce the fear of failure that many children feel in sports and in other parts of their lives.

Bill has over 25 years of experience managing tennis facilities.

Bill was the director at Timberlane Athletic Club from 2007 to 2015 and he was also the manager and coach at Eglinton Flats Winter Tennis Club from 1989 to 2001. Although he doesn’t do any of the coaching now he is a Tennis Canada certified coach and instructor with over 25 years of experience.

Bill lives in Aurora with his wife Nicole and their two daughters Allie and Lauren.


Eric Patchell

Eric is certified as a Tennis Instructor with Tennis Canada and he has been teaching for the past 15 years. Eric played and competed as a junior player in Newmarket, where he won multiple Intercounty championships. He still enjoys competitive tennis at the interclub level and he has his own personal training business.



Kaitlyn is a certified Tennis and Pickleball Instructor with Tennis Canada and Pickleball Canada, respectively.

She has four years of coaching experience and a passion for helping others reach their personal improvement goals.

After learning tennis in our programs from a young age, Kaitlyn earned over 200 volunteer hours after completing the CIT and CIT programs with the Town.

Additionally, she is a certified Skiing Instructor with the CSIA and a previous podium Alpine racer.

Kaitlyn’s excellence, drive and determination resulted in her graduating with a 90%+ average from the Media and Communication Studies program at the University of Guelph-Humber.



(2005-2009, 2017 to Present)

Jason is a certified tennis coach by both the OTA and USPTR. He has over 2 decades of coaching experience, beginning his coaching career at a summer camp at the age of 16. Jason has coached locally doing tennis programs with the Town of Newmarket, Town of East Gwillimbury, and Town of Aurora (Total Tennis). Jason also has a year of international coaching experience – as he coached at Tennis Central in Perth, Western Australia during his year abroad completing teachers college (2007).

Jason has a passion for the sport of tennis, and has served as a convenor for both the YRAA Tennis Championships (2010-2017), and OFSAATennis Championships (2016-2018). He also has played tennis in the summer for both the Richmond Hill Lawn TennisClub, and Newmarket Tennis Club.



Mike has coached for Total Tennis and for Bill Maron, while at Timberlane Athletic Club, off and on for the past 15 years.

Mike is certified with Tennis Canada as an Instructor and Club Pro 1 and he enjoys working with all ages and levels.

He always brings a great passion and energy to the court which inspires all of his students.

Mike has played on numerous major’s club teams over the years and participated in numerous local tournaments.


Ella Silvestre

Ella is certified as a ‘Kids’ instructor with Tennis Canada and this will be her second summer working with Total Tennis. Ella is an honours student at Sacred Heart School, heading to university next year to pursue a medical degree. Ella medalled at the YRAA tennis championships last year.



With Total Tennis 2012 to 2019

Jordan Master Total Tennis Coach.

Jordan has 10 years experience coaching tennis and he is certified by Tennis Canada as an instructor and Club Pro 1.  Jordan began coaching in thornhill where he grew up before heading to Mexico to coach at a resort for one year. He then brought his talents north to Total Tennis and Timberlane Athletic Club. Jordan’s passion for the game and for helping others improve translates to players of all ages and levels. Jordan’s goal in working with young players is to teach life skills in his lessons. His fun and high energy approach has translated to great success for students and offered them an appreciation for tennis.

Hobbies: Hockey, football and basketball



Nicole started playing tennis and taking lessons in 2013 as part of our Junior Program at Timberlane Athletic Club. She has been teaching tennis for four years, coaching at the Newmarket Tennis Club and also with the Gibson Tennis program. Nicole participated on various high school teams at Dr. G.W. Williams (badminton, field hockey, Football & volleyball) while achieving Honours in academics. Nicole is Currently studying architecture at the University of Waterloo.



Graduated Country Day School with a 96 Average.

Heading for Commerce and Science at Queens University. Played rep soccer for eight years and was captain of high school team. Member of rugby team that won the CISAA championship.



Second year at Ryerson University studying electrical engineering. YRAA Tennis champion in men’s doubles. Played competitive hockey for 13 years as well as soccer for 7 years.




Instructor at Total Tennis for 9 years (2006-2014)

I am from Gilford, Ontario and have enjoyed the sport of tennis since I was a young lad.  I grew up playing and eventually coaching in Newmarket, ON.  I was recommended to contact Bill Maron for a new coaching opportunity when I was fifteen and never looked back.  Bill is a great leader of this tennis program and helped me build a strong skill set for teaching tennis.  He provided structure and support throughout my coaching career, which was very helpful especially during the first few years.  The program was a success each year because of the number of returning clients.  There were several adults who I taught my first year, who were still excited about joining the program each Spring by my ninth year.  I am very grateful to help represent Total Tennis for as long as I did.  The people I worked with and the people I taught all made it a great experience!


More About Brock

Teaching with Bill also helped me find my current career path as an elementary teacher!  I am just finishing my first year of teaching in Kansas City, Missouri while consecutively completing my Masters.  The next two years I will be teaching fifth grade in Mandalay, Myanmar.  I am very excited for this once in a lifetime opportunity, and I know that my coaching career helped me build the skills I needed for my new career.  At one point I had dropped out of University in Canada, and Bill was very supportive through this experience.  He stated that “Failure is one of the best things that can happen because it provides an opportunity for us to learn from our mistakes and change for the better.”  (This was while he was taking me golfing too!)  Shortly after, I decided to take on a tennis scholarship in the USA where I also had an unbelievable experience and it led me to where I am now.

I don’t know where I would be today without having my amazing experience working at Total Tennis, but I am truly grateful that I did.

Good luck in your journey!

Brock Hughes



Vitaly Shumilov Total Tennis CoachVitaly has been with Total Tennis 2015 to present.

Originally from Russia Vitaly attended university in Michigan on a tennis scholarship before moving to Canada in 2013.

Vitaly Shumilov competed on the National Russian Tennis Tour as well as the International Tour (ITF), competing in Professional Futures level tournaments. In addition, Vitaly received a full college scholarship from Davenport University (Grand Rapids, Michigan), playing the # 1 position for his team in both Singles and Doubles. He amassed 100 career wins, was the most valuable player 3 times and received the Champion of Character Award. Vitaly is a Tennis Canada Certified Club Pro, Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) Certified Coach as well as an NCCP Certified Coach. Vitaly has worked at a variety of academies with high performance juniors of all ages, including the world renowned Van der Meer Tennis Academy in South Carolina, the Valan Tennis Academy in Toronto and the Timberlane Athletic Club in Aurora.

Hobbies: Soccer, Biking, Hiking, Movies

His life principle is: “The Best or nothing”



Taia MacEachern has been coaching tennis in the Town of Aurora since 2011. She is a Certified Instructor with Tennis Canada and is registered with the Ontario Tennis Association. 

Taia is a multisport athlete, playing Softball, Volleyball, Rugby and Tennis at the Varsity level. 

Her love of tennis and of promoting the game inspires her coaching, and tennis development at a grassroots level.



Michal Jensen met Bill Maron coincidentally at a public tennis court in Aurora in 2006.
Both live in Aurora and had young children at the time so it wasn’t long before Michal was helping to coach at the Total Tennis program.
Michal has been coaching since she was a teenager so she brings a wealth and playing and teaching experience onto the court.
What students also love about Michal is her ability to keep a fun/light mood on her court, with her sense of humour.
Michal and Bill worked together at Timberlane for 8 years and Michal is now coaching at the Richmond Hill Country Club.



Brad coached at Total Tennis for 2 seasons from 2011 to 2013 and he has coached tennis for over 20 years. His high energy and entertaining approach to the game was appreciated by children and adults alike. Brad is an excellent player and he is always able to pass his love of the game on to all students. Brad is currently coaching at Tam Heather Tennis Club as well as organizing camps in the Town of Whitchurch Stouffville.



(with Total Tennis from 2004 to 2006)

Alex was with Total Tennis or 3 seasons and he coached hundreds of students ranging in age and skill level from complete beginner to advanced OTA level competitors. His lesson structure focused on a ‘fun and active’ approach with progressive step-by-step technical learning as students matured. The Total Tennis program successfully developed students’ knowledge of the game, teamwork skills and overall confidence.

Alex is currently the President of More Than A Mover Inc., a full service moving company devoted to helping clients who are downsizing in the Toronto area. Please visit for more information.

Alex’s Favourite memory:

Alex’s Favourite memory:

“I had a young student, about 7 years old, attending a Total Tennis beginner tennis clinic. From the beginning of the program the young boy felt very shy and hesitated to even set foot on the court. He was uncomfortable around the other kids, unsure of how to hold his tennis racket and could not  hit a single ball over the net. I recognized his discomfort and rapidly encouraged his learning by making my lesson very simple, fun and active. I set him up for success by tailoring my lesson to a level of learning where all of the students could advance together as one. Quickly, the boy felt like he was part of the group and began to build his skills. He was a very smart boy, a fast learner, and by the end of the clinic he had learned all of the shots and games and become my star pupil! He even lead the class in other tennis games while his fellow students cheered him on! In that moment I realized that tennis coaching could be used as a tool to build confidence, awareness and friendship through positive reinforcement. It was gratifying to see these building blocks instilled in this young person which would undoubtedly help him build a strong future.”

“some of the life lessons I learned on the court working with Bill at Total Tennis were invaluable”

Alex Petlyarsky



Colin Hooper is a Tennis Canada certified instructor and Club Pro 1 who spends his days as an elementary school teacher for the Durham District School Board. Colin’s passion for the game of tennis has allowed him to play and teach in a variety of towns and cities in Ontario. He grew up playing tennis in Kingston and Ottawa, before moving to St. Catharine’s to get his Physical Education degree. While at Brock University, he played on the school varsity team.

Colin has coached at several clubs including: The Blackburn Hamlet Tennis Club, The St. Catharine’s Tennis Club, The Fenelon Falls Tennis Club and currently at The Uxbridge Tennis Club. Colin stated that his time working with Bill in Aurora for ‘Total Tennis’ helped him “see the importance of having a detailed, organized lesson plan that emphasized the development of skills and techniques in a variety of creative drills and games”. He currently continues to spread his passion for tennis through community programs at The Uxbridge Tennis Club.

When not in the classroom or on the courts, he can be found doing what he loves most, spending time with his wife, Michelle, and their two children. His hope is that their children will find a passion, like tennis, that has given so much to him, both personally and professionally.

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